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272: Best Pure-bred Texel Ram Lamb

Sheep ➤ Texel Wed 26th Jul 2023
Sheep - Opening Notes

All Entries should be on field by 8.00am
Entry Fee £6.00(unless otherwise stated)
Prizes in Sheep Classes (unless otherwise stated)
1st Prize £20; 2nd Prize £15; 3rd Prize £10

Guidance for Sheep Exhibitors and Show Operators Procedure for Movement of Northern Ireland
Sheep into and out of Shows Identification
For Moves to and from a Show All sheep, irrespective of their date of birth, must be identified and comply with the Sheep and Goats Identification Regulations and be registered in the flock of the exhibitor. All sheep must be identified correctly before arriving at the Show. Sheep arriving at the Show without the correct identification will be refused admittance. AE1/24/975964 Shows 04/24 9
Movement of Sheep to a (non CPR) Show - See Annex C

  • (A non CPR Show is one where the tag numbers are not being scanned and uploaded to NIFAIS)
  • Sheep must be accompanied by a fully and accurately completed SG2 self-written movement document. The SG2 movement document authorises the movement of sheep or goats from the farm to Show premises.
  • The individual identification numbers must be recorded on the SG2 document (it is acceptable to attach a cross-referenced printed schedule listing the tag numbers to the SG2). These numbers must be checked by the Show Operators against the animals presented before the animals are allowed entry to the Show.
  • The SG2 movement documents must be stamped with the Show stamp. The white copy must be sent to the local DAERA Direct Office at the latest by the next working day.
  • Show Operators must have books of movement documents (SG2s) for sheep and separate books for goats.

Movement of Sheep from a Show - See Annex D 

  • The yellow copy of the SG2 provided by the Show Operator must accompany the animals back from the Show. This must include details of the Show and receiving flock, the individual tag numbers (it is acceptable to attach a printed schedule listing the tag numbers to the SG2) or be cross referenced/stapled to the pink copy of the incoming SG2 (only if the whole batch moves out at the same time). Section 3 of the outgoing SG2 must be signed by the flock keeper.
  • Both move in and move out white copies of the SG2 must be sent to the Show’s local DAERA Direct Office by the Show Operator at the latest by the next working day. Movement of Sheep to and from a Central Point of Recording (CPR) Show
  • Sheep moving to a CPR Show must be accompanied by a fully and accurately completed SG2 self-written movement document, however, the individual tag numbers do not have to be recorded on the SG2.
  • The total number of sheep being moved into the Show must still be entered on the SG2.
  • The ear tag numbers will be read electronically on entry to the Show and a list of tag numbers will be given to the exhibitor.
  • The exhibitor must complete and sign a declaration stating that the sheep will be returned to their flock of origin directly from the Show premises.
  • The Show must send the declarations to the local DAERA Direct Office for the Show at the latest by the next working day. AE1/24/975964 Shows 04/24 10
  • On departure from the Show the ear tag numbers will again be read electronically and the exhibitor will be issued with a C movement document. This C document must accompany the sheep back to their premises of origin.
  • Both the tag list and the C document must be kept with the exhibitor’s flock register.
Texel - Opening Notes


'Points may be gained in all the classes which will be counted towards the NI Texel Show Flock Competition'

'The Aged Ram Show Champion and Reserve Award' will be presented to the First and Second placed Aged Rams at this Show

No entries permitted on day of event.

Entry Fee:  
Texel - Closing Notes
















Class is currently closed for entry.