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392: Three White Onions

Home Industries ➤ Vegetables & Fruit Wed 26th Jul 2023
Home Industries - Opening Notes


The Society will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of the Exhibits in this Marquee. 

All Vegetables, Flowers, Plants, Floral Art, Home Baking and Jam can be displayed in the Marquee either Monday 29th July from 4-8pm or Tuesday 30th July up to 11am

All Country Crafts, Home Industries, Photography, Paintings and School children’s classes MUST be displayed on Monday 29th July from 4-8 p.m

All Entry Fees £2.00 unless otherwise stated.
Prizes: 1st £10; 2nd £6; 3rd £4 (unless otherwise stated)


Vegetables & Fruit - Opening Notes

All Vegetables and Flowers (wild flowers excepted) must have been grown by the: 

  1. Exhibitor and have been in his or her possession for at least one month previous to show. Any Exhibitor suspected of having infringed this rule must be prepared to satisfy the committee on the matter, impending such inquiry the prizes will be withheld.
  2. Exhibitors may make as many entries as they wish in each class, provided that they show a distinct variety or kind for each entry and pay the necessary entry fee. 
  3. All Vegetables to be washed or cleaned by removal of dirt, suitable for table use, quality to be regarded as first consideration.

Prizes 1st Prize, £10.00; 2nd Prize, £6.00; 3rd Prize, £4.00 (unless otherwise stated)

No entries permitted on day of event.

Entry Fee:  
Class is currently closed for entry.