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Home Industries ➤ Photography & Paintings Wed 26th Jul 2023

Rules & Conditions
1.Paintings must be the sole work of the exhibitor who must have amateur status
2.Paintings to depict an Agricultural or Rural setting
3.Paintings must measure no more than 24”X 20” including the frame
4.All Paintings must be ready to hang, that is framed and with a hanging cord attached
5.The Judges decision will be final
6.All entries to be exhibited at owners risk
7.All entries to have amateur status as defined by the following
a) Not to have had a commercial solo exhibition; (b) Not to have exhibited in a commercial gallery
(c) Not to be teaching or have taught art in any form
8.In the event of an objection and following an investigation, and if the exhibitor is deemed to be making their living from their profession, they maybe disqualified
9.Maximum of two exhibits only from any one exhibitor can qualify
10.Qualifying exhibit(s) to be photographed by the relevant qualifying show
11.Secretaries to forward same to the National Secretary in advance of the Final
12.The same painting that qualifies at the qualifying show must be exhibited at the final
13.These rules should be read in conjunction with the I.S.A Rules

Entry Fee: To qualifying Show £3. To Final €6
PRIZES: 1st: €300; 2nd: €200; 3rd: €100; 4th: €50. 
FINAL VIRGINIA SHOW – Wednesday 21st August 2024

Home Industries - Opening Notes


The Society will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of the Exhibits in this Marquee. 

All Vegetables, Flowers, Plants, Floral Art, Home Baking and Jam can be displayed in the Marquee either Monday 29th July from 4-8pm or Tuesday 30th July up to 11am

All Country Crafts, Home Industries, Photography, Paintings and School children’s classes MUST be displayed on Monday 29th July from 4-8 p.m

All Entry Fees £2.00 unless otherwise stated.
Prizes: 1st £10; 2nd £6; 3rd £4 (unless otherwise stated)


Photography & Paintings - Opening Notes

Limited to two entries per person. All Entries Non Framed
Prizes: 1st Prize £20; 2nd Prize £12; 3rd Prize £8. (unless otherwise stated)

No entries permitted on day of event.

Entry Fee:  
Class is currently closed for entry.