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1(a). The annual membership subscription to the Society shall be £10.00 payable on or before the last day of entry for the Show each year.

2. For the purposes of the Society its area of operation shall be as follows - the District Electoral Wards of Augher, Aughnacloy, Ballygawley, Castlecaulfield, Caledon, Clogher, Fintona, Newtownsaville, and the southern half of Sixmilecross D.E. Ward in the County of Tyrone and the D.E. Wards of Brookeborough and Tempo in the County of Fermanagh.

3. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held on the earliest suitable date after January 1st each year. At such meetings the Management Committee shall be elected and shall consist of 52 members together with the Patron, President, Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Secretary of the Society shall service the meeting. The Management Committee shall control all the business and finance of the Society.Prospective members of the Management Committee must be members of the Society and active as stewards on Show day. They must be formally propsed and seconded in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days before the General Meeting.

3a. The Management Committee shall have the right to set up such - committees as it considers necessary for the effective running of the Society.

4. Meetings of the Management Committee may be called at any time by the Secretary of the Society; as far as possible four days notice of such a meeting shall be given. Five members shall form a quorum at meetings of the Committee.

5. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society may be called at any time by the Secretary on the authorisation of the President. At least four days’ notice shall be given of such meetings and the business of the Meeting shall be shown on the notice.

6. Members’ subscriptions for the current year shall be payable on or before the last day of entry for the Show of that year, the payments of a members’ subscription, in accordance with Bye-Law No. 1 shall entitle the payer to the privileges of membership until the last day of entry of the year next following, except that no member shall be entitled for reduced entry fees for Shows, unless his subscription for the current year commencing on the preceding first day of
January has been paid. Subscriptions may be paid to the Secretary/Treasurer or to the collectors appointed. All subscriptions as received should be at once remitted to the Secretary/Treasurer, and in all cases receipts should be given for subscriptions received. Only members whose subscriptions have been paid at or before time of entry will be qualified
to enter at members’ fees, or to receive members’ badges.

7. An Annual Show will be held on a date and at a place approved by the Management Committee.

8. Competitions for Prizes offered at the Society’s Shows shall be open, except those specifically mentioned as restricted in the schedule.

9. Persons intending to compete for prizes, or to exhibit any animal or articles at any Show, Exhibition or Competition to be held by or under the auspices of the Society, must enter all required particulars on the authorised form of application which, together with the necessary fees and such declaration as may be required, relative to an entry, must be lodged with the Secretary within the prescribed period, of which due notice shall be given. The acceptance
of an entry fee by the Society shall not be regarded as an admission that an exhibit is eligible for competition or to be awarded a prize.

10. The ages of all Bulls, Cows, Heifers and Calves to be reckoned from 1st January in the year of the birth, but the exact age of each animal from time of birth must be stated to the Secretary in the notice of entry, in order that the judges may take their actual ages into consideration in deciding upon the relative merits of those in each Class. Any error in notice of entry will disqualify the exhibitor from receiving a prize unless the Exhibitor can show to the satisfaction of the Committee that such an error was not intentional. Any female which has produced a calf irrespective of age will be considered a Cow.

11. The Committee or any Steward of the Show may require any animal entered for exhibition to be examined by the Society’s Honorary Veterinary Surgeon, as to the date of the animal’s birth, the decision of the Veterinary Surgeon being final, subject to the following scale of definition for cattle:
(a) Cattle having their central permanent incisors will be considered as exceeding one year and six months.
(b) Cattle having their central permanent incisors fully up will be considered as exceeding one year and nine months.
(c) Cattle having their second pair of permanent incisors fully up will be considered as exceeding two years and three months.
(d) Cattle having their third pair of permanent incisors cut will be considered as exceeding two years and eight months.
(e) Cattle having their fourth (corner) pair of permanent incisors fully up and their anterior molars showing signs of wear will be considered as exceeding three years.

12. Bulls must be provided with halters or nose rings, with ropes or chains attached thereto; Cows and Heifers must be provided with halters with ropes attached thereto.

13. All exhibits shall be distinguished by numbers only, any exhibit carrying any other special distinguishing mark may be disqualified from the competition.

14.One Free admission ticket shall be issued to each member for that member’s sole use. It is not transferable. An exhibitor’s ticket shall be given to each exhibitor who pays entry fees amounting to £10.00 in the Vegetable, Fruit, Flower and Home Industry Sections.

15. Any person, not being a member, who leaves the show ground, will not be readmitted free of charge unless showing an official badge or the sticker issued on initial admission at the gate.

16. No animal known or believed to be suffering from an infectious disease will be admitted to the Show yard and should any animal manifest symptoms of disease during the Exhibition, having been so certified by the Honorary Veterinary Surgeons, it must be immediately removed from the premises on an order being given to that effect by the Secretary.

17. All persons entering the Show yard are subject to the direction of the Stewards and Secretary. Any exhibitor deliberately neglecting to comply with the express wishes of the Stewards, may be disqualified from receiving prizes.

18. Stewards will be appointed for each judging ring and no other persons will be admitted to the rings or permitted to interfere with or crowd around the Judges when adjudicating; exhibitors so doing will forfeit their claim to prizes.
It will be the duty of the Stewards to facilitate the work of the Judges in every way and to affix Premium Cards to the Exhibits as directed by the Judges. No one shall act as a Steward in a ring when any animal, his property, is under adjudication in that ring.

19. No prize shall be given for any exhibit which is not the bona fide property of the exhibitor.

20. The decisions of the Judges upon the grounds shall be final as to merit. Objections to the awards of the Judges must be made in writing and signed by the objector and lodged with the Secretary before 3p.m. on the evening of the Show. Such objections will be considered by the Committee of Management whose decision shall be final and binding upon all parties concerned and there shall be no appeal to a Court of Law. A deposit of £10.00 must accompany the statement of objection, which sum will be forfeited should the Committee consider the objection to be frivolous.

21. Persons desiring to exhibit Agricultural Implements and Machinery must send to the Secretary a list of their exhibits and the space required, not less than 12 days before the Show.

22. No exhibit, apart from livestock, is to be removed from the Show yard before 4 p.m. on the evening of the Show, except authorised in the Show Regulations, unless its removal is specially authorised by the Secretary. Exhibitors who infringe this rule shall thereby forfeit their right to any prize which may have been awarded to them.

23. No exhibit, except livestock, is to be removed from the Show before 4 p.m.
Prize-winning livestock must parade in order to qualify for prize-money.

24. All animals or articles exhibited shall, while on Show premises, be at the sole risk of the owners. The Society will not be responsible for any accidents to exhibitors, attendants or visitors or accident or damage to or loss of any animals or things exhibited, whether caused by fire, defective structure or otherwise, and even though arising from the negligence of some person in the employment of the Society.

25. Any exhibitor who enters the space in which an adjudication is proceeding may be disqualified from receiving a prize.

26. Each exhibitor to whom a prize is awarded must be prepared when required by the Committee to make a statutory declaration that the conditions and regulations affecting such prize have been complied with, otherwise the prize
shall lapse to the Society.

27. Until a Cup or Medal is finally won outright, the person to whom it is awarded shall give security to the Society that it will be delivered up to the Secretary in as good condition as when received, at least one month previous to the date of the succeeding Show. The Society reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of competition for any
Cups or Medals at future Shows, or to withhold them if the Judges do not find sufficient merit.

28. The Society will devise and maintain a Safety Policy in accordance with the current statutory Health and Safety Regulations, and will ensure that the Policy is publicly advertised.

29. The Bye-Laws may be cancelled, amended or added to by a General Meeting only.